[Landsat-pds] Converting MTL.txt to JSON

Charlie Loyd charlie at mapbox.com
Wed Feb 25 14:45:42 PST 2015

Hi all,

Hurray, JSON! Thanks, Jeff!

It’s just a detail, but should the numeric values be converted to numbers? For example, this line of JSON:

>            "REFLECTANCE_MULT_BAND_9": "2.0000E-05",

could be replaced by:

>             "REFLECTANCE_MULT_BAND_9": 2e-05,

This would mean one less conversion-and-check necessary on the end user’s side in order to use the value.

I won’t push on this – it’s a very small thing and it might add complexity in ways I’m not seeing. Just asking.


> On Feb 25, 2015, at 1:13 PM, Layton, Jeff <jefflay at amazon.com> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I just joined the mailing list and I’m working with Jed from AWS (I work for AWS as well). The first project I did was write a simple Python tool to convert the MTL.txt files to JSON. I’m attaching a sample MTL file and the resulting JSON. Let me know what you think!
> Thanks!
> Jeff
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