[Landsat-pds] new aws key

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Feb 26 12:10:39 PST 2015


I have updated the ingestor to use the keys tied to the "ingestor" IAM
role.  I found puts were not working, and that I had to change the policy
definition so the Resource is "arn:aws:s3:::landsat-pds/*" instead
of "arn:aws:s3:::landsat-pds" before things worked again.  The reads worked
since the bucket is public (ie. anyone can list/get/etc).

I'm using the AKIAID6NBKBGQD67XIHQ key.  If we want to issue access keys to
others in our working group to do special processing I'd suggest we issue
them new keys that can be revoked later.  I kind of wish it was easy to
attach a note to the access keys so we could remember what/who they are for
in the AWS console.

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