[Liblas-devel] libLAS 1.6.0b1 Windows build now available

Howard Butler hobu.inc at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 17:16:48 EDT 2010


I have completed porting over the packaging and scripting necessary to easily build OSGeo4W packages of libLAS.  What this means is that OSGeo4W will now be the preferred way to obtain a copy of libLAS if you are on windows.  The OSGeo4W package is a *complete* install. It includes the latest vertical datum reprojection support thanks to Frank and the gdal-dev package of OSGeo4W.  It includes las2oci for loading data into Oracle Point Clouds <http://liblas.org/utilities/las2oci.html>.  It includes las2ogr for converting LAS files to OGR datasources, and it includes ts2las for converting TerraSolid .bin files to LAS files.

Pull down a copy of the osgeo4w-setup.exe, and then choose the "Advanced" install.  Skip forward a bit by clicking "Next" until you get to a window to select packages, and choose "Commandline_Utilities" and pick "liblas".  Choose "Libs" - "liblas-python" if you wish to have the Python bindings as well.  Once installed, go to your Start-Programs-OSGeo4W menu and choose the "OSGeo4W Shell".  A command line prompt should come up.  Type "liblas" at the prompt, and your environment will be setup to use the appropriate GDAL, etc.  At that point, you can run the utilities <http://liblas.org/utilities/index.html>, or run Python by typing "python" and then testing by issuing "import liblas" at the Python prompt.

Happy processing!



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