[Liblas-devel] 1.6.0 Final Released

Howard Butler hobu.inc at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 15:36:50 EST 2011


The libLAS team is pleased to announce the release of 1.6.0 final.

A number of issues have been resolved since 1.6.0b4 including:

* C API can now reproject data using _*SRS methods again
* C API can read/write compressed data using LASzip
* Fixups of min/max function calls to satisfy <windows.h> evil macros
* Filtering added to ts2las
* Updated other utilities to be able to read (and sometimes write) .laz output
* Python API brought in line with new C API methods for fetching/setting Raw{X|Y|Z} data and header compression values
* LASzip support improved.  
* A new LASzip release coincides with 1.6.0, and it can be found at http://laszip.org. A few small and mighty bugs that didn't effect existing data were found to necessitate new LASzip release.
* A boost::Singleton now protects the DefaultHeader static reference that all points get upon creation.  This means that Boost's "thread" library is now a required dependency of libLAS.
* las2las now provides --locale option to let you have your output with commas :) (only works on Windows and Linux, no OS X due to its busted std::locale)
* las2las now provides --fix-optech-scan-angle to optionally multiply scan angles by 1.944445 to quickly fix a common output bug from Dashmap
* gt_wkt_srs.cpp updated to match GDAL 1.8.  GDAL 1.8+ and libgeotiff 1.3.0+ should be considered minimum dependencies for libLAS 1.6.0.
* Support building against a static LASzip

A number of additions have been made to the C API, but no subtractions or changes have been made to existing methods.  The SONAME has been incremented just in case we missed something, however.  These items include options for fetching raw data from points and methods for manipulating headers of readers and writers.

The OSGeo4W build has been updated, and you can fetch the latest by updating (or installing fresh) from there on Windows.  Otherwise http://liblas.org/download.html is where you can grab the latest source.



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