[Liblas-devel] pass a memory map pointer to uchar to lasreader

francesco francesco.pirotti at unipd.it
Thu Jul 21 13:12:12 EDT 2011

I am using Qt SDK for explicit run-time linking to LIBLAS liblas_c.dll .
Because Qt supports memory mapping of files (maps a file to a unsigned 
char *) my idea was to pass a file map to create the reader instead of 
passing the file name. I therefore cloned the Create_reader function to 
the function at the end of this mail.
The error message from GetLastErrorMsg is always _detail::liblas::read_n 
input stream is not readable_
So two questions to the list:
1 - do you think memory mapping can be a good solution to speed up 
processing data??
2 - Am I doing something obviously wrong??
Thank you for your time and effort.
Francesco Pirotti

in *liblas.h*

*in c_api.cpp*

LAS_DLL  LASReaderH  LASReader_Create_mapped(unsigned  char  *  buffer)  


     VALIDATE_LAS_POINTER1(((char*)buffer),  "LASReader_Create_mapped",  NULL);

     try  {  

		std::istringstream  *  istrm  =  new  std::istringstream((char  *)buffer,   std::ios::in  |  std::ios::binary);

         liblas::ReaderFactory  f;

		liblas::Reader*  reader  =  new  liblas::Reader(f.CreateWithStream(*istrm));

         readers.insert(std::pair<liblas::Reader*,  std::istream*>(reader,  istrm));

         return  (LASReaderH)  reader;


     }  catch  (std::exception  const&  e)


          LASError_PushError(LE_Failure,  e.what(),  "LASReader_Create");

          return  NULL;



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