[Liblas-devel] las2txt --parse flag

Charles Cowart charliec at sdsc.edu
Thu Jun 30 12:55:53 EDT 2011


I've noticed that using las2txt with the --parse flag, specifically '--parse xyzctainreduRGB' produces strange results with many of the datasets I have on hand to test with. Specifically, when the dataset does not appear to have values for all 15 elements, it will print nothing, as opposed to an empty field:

503999.60,4795911.76,2459.86,2,68127.47555690,?,250,1,1,996,0,0, <-- three elements missing
503999.54,4795912.86,2459.77,2,68127.49011330,?,247,1,1,996,0,1, <-- three missing elements
503999.78,4795914.98,2459.18,2,68127.51788721, <-- 10 missing elements

It seems as though las2txt should print the empty elements as well:


It appears I can get this behavior if I specify a value that is always present, such as x,y, or z as the final element (--parse ctainreduRGBxyz). However, it would be nice IMHO, if the behavior was consistent. Also, it appears the '--xml' flag in las2txt does not produce xml-based output, and does not override the --parse flag.

Are the above known problems and if so, is anyone currently tackling them? If not, I believe we will take a stab at it.

Best Regards,


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