[Live-demo] We think we can release OSGeoLive 6.0 two weeks early (For OSGIS) - with some help

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 18 04:55:31 PDT 2012

Cameron wrote:
> I've contacted all projects with a "critical" or "major" issue, and if 
> we can knock those issues off within a week, then I'd be ready to have a 
> conversation about moving our deadline forward.

be aware that I've been a bit slack filing blocker bugs on issues relating
to stuff I'm maintaining but feel confident about the probable solution &&
haven't gotten around to committing fixes for yet; or have fixed but was
waiting for the next beta build to confirm it was all fixed. Perhaps not
great communication on my part, but given the original schedule I didn't
think it necessary to spam everyone about those.  Given a tighter schedule
that slack communication suddenly becomes bad communication, and a lot more

Long story short, I think we'll be fine but would not like to see decisions
made on bad information, when I'm in part the cause of that. :-)


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