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#966: Update VM Quickstart
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Comment(by hamish):

 Replying to [ticket:966 camerons]:
 > 2. Describe how to set up a VM for only one VM. Our quickstarts
 > should be quick, (and easy to maintain), and shouldn't confuse
 > users by asking them to decide on which VM to use.
 > 3. I'm open to suggestions re which VM you think you should
 > write to. I'd guess you would select the easiest, or most widely
 > used Open Source VM, but this will probably be your call.

 While I don't think we should be recommending any particular 3rd party
 technology over another, if we want to pick one out I do think the only
 choice we really have is VirtualBox, wrt combination cross-platform
 availably, FOSSness, and ease of use.

 It would be valuable at the start to say something about there being a
 number of different VMs you can use, and our VM or ISO can work with any
 of them, but here's instructions to do it with $software.
 Otherwise people who already use one VM software might be fooled into
 thinking that they need to go out and get something else to get our image
 to work.


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