[Live-demo] Virtual machine overview documents

Micha Silver micha at arava.co.il
Sat Jul 28 02:48:57 PDT 2012

On 07/28/2012 01:11 AM, Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Micha,
> Are you still good for your offer to write a VM Howto?
> We were discussing this in our daily IRC meeting and agreed that it 
> would be good to have one.

I'll give it a shot over this weekend.
Your guidelines seem fine. As I mentioned, I'll put together a VM 
overview, covering only the "why" and machine requirements. Then it will 
have links to:

  *   your current page
  * setting up a virtualbox VM straight from the *.vmdk version of the
    Live DVD.
  * the VM wiki page

That should be an improvement.



> What I suggest is:
> 1. Try to ensure that the doc is concise, so there is less to 
> translate. (The current VM that I wrote is too long).
> 2. Describe how to set up a VM for only one VM. Our quickstarts should 
> be quick, (and easy to maintain), and shouldn't confuse users by 
> asking them to decide on which VM to use.
> 3. I'm open to suggestions re which VM you think you should write to. 
> I'd guess you would select the easiest, or most widely used Open 
> Source VM, but this will probably be your call.
> 4. Finish with a link to an OSGeo-Live-VM wiki page. The wiki page can 
> include much more detail, including how to install multiple versions 
> of VMs.
> Lastly, I'm being really bad by hoping to get some docs within a day 
> or 2 - which will be required if we are to give translators enough 
> time to translate it. (I'm also hoping to review it for you).
> I've created an issue to track this here:
> https://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo/ticket/966
> On 25/07/12 12:28, Hamish wrote:
>> Cameron wrote:
>>>   I suggest that we should:
>>>   1. Describe one way to create a VM inside OSGeo docs
>>>   2. Describe one way to create an ISO inside OSGeo docs
>>>   Point to wiki pages where we can describe multiple ways for
>>>   creating ISO/VMs.
>> or perhaps just describe what a VM is, how it works, and what you need
>> to run one on the disc, + the link to the rich mediawiki howtos pages.
>> Similar for booting off persistent USB sticks which may be a new concept
>> to some conference goers.
>> 2c,
>> Hamish

Micha Silver
GIS Consultant, Arava Development Co.

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