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#949: ossim installation script fails
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 Priority:  major    |   Milestone:  OSGeoLive6.0Final
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Changes (by hamish):

 * cc: epifanio (added)



 just looking into this. It's a bit confusing.

 In 6.0 beta6 we are shipping both the ossim-core 1.7.21 package from
 ubuntu's repositories, and a tarball of version 1.8.12 installed to
 /usr/local/ossim. [n.b., and the overview page says version 1.8.6]

 We end up with two copies of everything, but both the installed copies are
 compiled against old libraries not available in 12.04 (e.g.
 libOpenThreads.so.13). One thing that stumps me is how ossim-core ended up
 in official 12.04 but compiled against other libraries?! I didn't think
 that was supposed to be possible. Some weirdness or anachronism of how
 ubuntu pulls in packages from Debian/sid?

 Anyway, I can rebuild the official ubuntu 1.7.21 ossim-core package
 without much fuss, which gives us the ossim engine, but that does not come
 with ossimplanet or imagelinker which are the two ossim frontends
 showcased in the quickstart. Those come in the tarball.

 So the thing to do, would seem to me, to checkout this from OSSIM's svn:

 ('`apt-get build-dep ossim-core`' should make that a bit easier)

 and rebuild from source on a copy of the livedvd 6.0beta VM, and put the
 tarball up on download.osgeo.org/livedvd/.

 but it is just the ossim/ and ossimPlanet/ dirs in that tag which should
 be built? Can I re-use the DebianGIS build rules?

 (heading out of town soon & running out of time to do much)

 ossimplanet 1.8.12's missing libs according to `ldd`:
         libavcodec.so.52 => not found
         libavdevice.so.52 => not found
         libavformat.so.52 => not found
         libavutil.so.50 => not found
         libOpenThreads.so.13 => not found
         libosgDB.so.65 => not found
         libosgGA.so.65 => not found
         libosg.so.65 => not found
         libosgText.so.65 => not found
         libosgUtil.so.65 => not found
         libosgViewer.so.65 => not found
         libswscale.so.0 => not found

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