[Live-demo] gvSIG Starter Package and OSGeo Live

Simon Cropper simoncropper at fossworkflowguides.com
Tue Jul 31 02:17:07 PDT 2012

On 31/07/12 18:50, Cameron Shorter wrote:
> José, Jorge, Simon,
> It is quite appropriate for a Project's Quickstart to finish with a:
> "See Also" section, which points to further documentation that a project
> should make use of.
> It is up to the projects to decide upon which external docs should be
> referenced. (There should only be a max of 3 or 4 docs referenced, not a
> list of hundreds of docs).
> Simon Cropper who wrote the quickstart might have an opinion on this?
> On 30/07/2012 2:57 AM, José Antonio Canalejo Alonso wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> we'd like to add a link to the GIS Starter Package [1] in the gvSIG's
>> quickstart [2]. We don't need to modify the quickstart (I think it is
>> a very good one) but we think it's a good set of tools to being used
>> as gvSIG's quickstart and it can be also mentioned on the OSGeo Live .
>> The GIS Starter Package provides all information essential to
>> introduce the gvSIG software using video tutorials, practical
>> demo-projects, FAQ and other tools.
>> This package has been donwloaded 464 times in more than 50 countries [3].
>> Kind regards!
>> José
>> [1] http://csgis.de/joomla/index.php/gis-starter-package
>> [2] http://live.osgeo.org/en/quickstart/gvsig_quickstart.html
>> [3]
>> http://sourceforge.net/projects/gvsigce/files/startercd.zip/stats/map?dates=2011-07-01+to+2012-07-29
>> --
>> José Canalejo
>> www.csgis.de
>> @CSGIS_de
> --
> Cameron Shorter
> Geospatial Solutions Manager
> Tel: +61 (0)2 8570 5050
> Mob: +61 (0)419 142 254


It is up to the gvSIG to decide what is included with their project 
material. The content I created is CC-BY-SA and can be modified by 
anyone in the group authorized to meet there future needs.

My only concern is that links to a fork from the parent project gvSIG, 
specifically the new project gvSIG-CE, are not inserted into the main 
projects material as it causes confusion (particularly due to the 
similarity in the names).

Cheers Simon

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