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José Antonio Canalejo Alonso jacanalejo at yahoo.es
Tue Jul 31 13:04:22 PDT 2012

Hello Jorge,
thank you for moving this forward.
As I told last year (September 2011:http://osgeo-org.1560.n6.nabble.com/Welthungerhilfe-GIS-Starter-Package-2-0-td4103655.html) the best place for this package is obviously www.gvsig.org (not gvsig.com). We'll remove it from sourceforge once the package goes into gvsig.org. 
[1] is a nice historical link (people could find there manuals from gvSIG 0.3 to gvSIG 1.11) but I think people (particularly non-Spanish speaking) should find easily the most actual information in english about the latest gvSIG's versions. That's the reason why I'm suggesting to put these kind of links into the gvSIG quickstart of OSGeo Live. Users should see there only 2 or 3 good references. This is a good one, it has been often reviewed with two companies involved:
- http://www.geominds.de/html/gvsig.html
- http://csgis.de/joomla/index.php/gis-starter-package
[2] seems good to me. I'll fill up the form and send it to you. Later we can add the link in www.gvsig.org into the gvSIG's quickstart of OSGeo Live. 
I'm very grateful to the Welthungerhilfe (www.welthungerhilfe.de) for opening this information to the community and would love to see this package in more countries, being used by more gvSIG users.
Kind regards!

>Hi José Antonio,

>Instead of adding it directly on the LiveDVD site, I would add the link at the gvSIG portal section for courses and learning >materials provided by the community at [1] and in fact the quickstart should point to that site instead to the main gvSIG >description page. That page gathers may courses, workshops and tutorials provided by the gvSIG community in several >languages that will interest OSGeo LiveDVD users for sure.
>To add it to the gvSIG learning materials page a sheet with some metadata has to be filled, check the Oxford Archeology >course, for example[2].
>What do you think?
>[1] http://www.gvsig.org/web/docusr/learning/
>[2] http://www.gvsig.org/web/docusr/learning/colaboraciones/ce_0912_01/

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>Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas
>gvSIG Team at Prodevelop
>Technical Collaborations Manager
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