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Hi Gabriele,
I've reviewed the Project Overview for Web World Wind (attached), and 
have made a number of minor changes, as well as adding a number of 
comments. Many of these comments will be applicable for Java World Wind too.

Could you please have a look and work up from my version to address the 

Warm regards, Cameron

On 13/01/2016 11:22 am, Gabriele Prestifilippo wrote:
> Hi,
> I’m issuing now the pull requests for the scripts to install both 
> versions: install_javaworldwind.sh and install_webworldwind.sh
> I managed to reduce consistently the size of the Java version to ~100mb.
> As for the documentation overview and quickstart I copied it mostly 
> from the official website, I’m finishing and sending the request, I 
> will work to improve it later.
> I’d like to point out that while testing on virtual machines the 
> rendering of the globe might have problems due to 3d acceleration (on 
> both versions).
> Best,
> Gabriele
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> *Subject: *Re: [Live-demo] Submit new project - NASA WorldWind
> Hi Gabriele,
> I understand the reasons for not being able to tag a release right 
> away, no worries.
> I think we should focus on having an installer script for the Java 
> version first (along with the documentation) and then we can see if 
> there is time to include the Javascript version (or perhaps include it 
> as beta for this release)
> Best,
> Angelos
> On Sat, Jan 9, 2016 at 1:58 PM, Gabriele Prestifilippo 
> <gabrieleprestifilippo at gmail.com 
> <mailto:gabrieleprestifilippo at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Dear all,
>     I’ve been talking with Patrick, and we agreed on versioning with a
>     tagged release WebWorldWind, although this cannot be achieved for
>     technical reasons before few weeks at least. I clearly understand
>     that having a tagged release is useful for different reasons.
>     Since at the moment we cannot officially define it, I would
>     suggest to mark it as ‘pre-release’ or even 0.1.0 but not formally
>     until they can mark it. I still support the inclusion because, as
>     I previously mentioned the web version is the one with the
>     greatest expectation and a wider future.
>     Let me know what you think about it, or if you have other ideas
>     regarding it. Unless we could wait for the next release to include it.
>     Best,
>     Gabriele.
> -- 
> Angelos Tzotsos, PhD
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:Author: Gabriele Prestifilippo
:Reviewer: Cameron Shorter, LISAsoft
:Version: osgeo-live9.5
:License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)

.. Cameron Comment:
.. Logo size needs to be 125x125 pixles (Currently it is 250x250)
.. Cameron Comment:
.. The logo for Web World Wind, and World Wind Java are the same. 
.. I suggest making them different.

.. image:: ../../images/project_logos/logoNasaWWW.png
  :alt: project logo
  :align: right
  :target: http://webworldwind.org/

.. Cameron Comment:
.. I notice you are using terms:
.. "Java World Wind" and "World Wind Java"
.. My vote would be to use "World Wind Java" and "World Wind Web", as I feel
.. is provides better branding, but this is your call
Web World Wind

Desktop Virtual Globe

.. Cameron Comment:
  This introduction doesn't sell Web World Wind very well to a new
  GIS user. Users should be able to understand why select World Wind over
  similar products such as Cesium, QGIS, GRASS etc (based on their OSGeo-Live
  Refer to writing guidelines:https://svn.osgeo.org/osgeo/livedvd/gisvm/trunk/doc/en/overview/postgis_overview.rst which include:
  Address user questions of "What does the application do?",
  "When would I use it?", "Why would I use it over other applications?",
  "How mature is the application and how widely deployed is it?".
  Don't mention licence or open source in this section.
  Target audience is a GIS practitioner or student who is new to Open Source.
  * First sentence should explain the application.
  * Usually the application domain will not be familiar to readers. So the
    next line or two should explain the domain. Eg: For GeoKettle, the next
    line or two should explain what GoeSpatial Business Intelligence is.
  * Remaining paragraph or 2 in this overview section should provide a
    wider description and advantages from a user perspective.
  * Try to avoid acronyms. Assume very basic technical understanding of users.
    Ie, say "3 Dimentional" instead of "3D", and "Library" is usually better
    than "Application Program Interface" or "API".

Web World Wind is a 3D virtual globe API for HTML5 and JavaScript. Web pages include Web World Wind to provide one or more virtual globes on that page.

.. Cameron comment: there is overlap between introduction setence and following
   body. Try not to repeat yourself. I've removed reference to "open source".
   All applications on OSGeo-Live are Open Source.

Web World Wind is a globe for web pages. Written in JavaScript, Web World Wind enables web page and web application builders to quickly create interactive visualizations of geographic information on an interactive 3D globe or 2D map.

Web World Wind provides an API that enables JavaScript programs to control every detail of visualization and interaction. 

.. Cameron Comment: Following line can be removed. (It is covered at the bottom)

.. Web World Wind runs on all major operating systems, desktop and mobile devices, and web browsers.

.. Cameron Comment: Following sentence doesn't help user understand what
   World Wind offers. Suggest getting ideas from World Wind demos.

Web World Wind provides a rich set of features for displaying and interacting with geographic information. Because Web World Wind is completely open-source and designed to be extensible, extending the API and functionality is simple and easy to do.

.. Cameron Comment:
  Provide a image of the application which will typically be a screen shot
  or a collage of screen shots.
  Store image in
  images/screenshots/1024x768/<application>_<name>.png . Eg: udig_main_page.png
  Screenshots should be captured from a 1024x768 display.
  Don't include the desktop background as this changes with each release
  and will become dated.

Core Features

.. Cameron Comment: "WGS84" is a technical term which shouldn't be included
  without explaination. I suggest it be removed rather than explained.
* High-performance, 3 dimentional virtual globe (WGS84) for web pages and web applications
* 2 dimentional map mode with selectable and extensible map projections
* JavaScript Application Programming Interface (API) for automating all aspects of interaction and visualization
.. Cameron Comment: I assume we won't have space for all the built in imagery
.. on OSGeo-Live. It is also not typical to provide large datasets with a 
.. download, but rather to provide separately.
* Large collection of built-in high-resolution imagery and terrain
.. Cameron Comment: How is the imagery displayed? What standard format is being
.. used? WMS. Anything else? 
* Display high-resolution imagery, terrain and geographic data from any public or private source
* Supports REST, WMS and Bing
* Large collection of geometric and geographic shapes for representing information
* Navigation and Viewing, Picking
* Display multiple globes and maps on the same page
* Simple to use, extend and modify

Graphics Capabilities:

* Placemark, Path and Curtain, Polygon and Extruded Polygon, Text
* Terrain conforming shapes: Path, Polygon, Ellipse, Circle, Quadrilateral, Square
* Imagery: JPEG, PNG
* Graticules
* Shapefiles

.. Cameron Comment: OSGeo-Live focuses only on what is available now. We don't
  include future plans, so following has been commented out

.. Upcoming Features
.. * KML and Collada, FBX
.. * Measurement, Line of Sight, Analytic Surface
.. * Subsurface Visualization
.. * Shapes: Airspaces, Mil-Std 2525

Implemented Standards

.. Cameron Comment: Which versions of WMS are supported? 1.1? 1.3? Suggest say
.. "WMS 1.1,1.3" if that is correct.

* WMS 


**Website:** http://webworldwind.org/

**Licence:** NASA Open Source Agreement Version 1.3

.. Cameron Comment: I don't believe that Web World Wind should be made
  publicly visible until it has a version number. Even if that number
  is something like 0.1beta1.

**Software Version:** World Wind Pre-release

**Supported Platforms:** Windows, Linux, Mac

**Forum:** http://forum.worldwindcentral.com/forumdisplay.php?60-Web-World-Wind


* :doc: `Quickstart documentation <../quickstart/webworldwind_quickstart>`

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