[Live-demo] Nightly build

Pieter du Plooy pjduplooy at zpanelcp.com
Mon Feb 29 04:56:01 PST 2016

Hi guys.

Before i pose my question, just a quick Thank you so much for all the
effort various contributors have put into this project.

I have almost completed a nightly build for the second time, and am
seriously impressed with all the work that went into creating install
scripts, etc to make my life easier....

Ok now for my question:

I have followed the build instructions as per the wiki page, and just want
to know one thing.  After a git pull origin master, to draw in the new
commits, does the live demo dvd get rebuilt from scratch?  Or is there a
way to speed up the process by just rebuilding only the changes that were

I hope you understand what I mean...

Thanks anyway, and a serious thank you again to everyone involved.

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