[Lizmap] More verbose logging for LDAP

Laurent Jouanneau ljouanneau at 3liz.com
Fri Dec 13 05:34:10 PST 2019

Le 13/12/2019 à 14:00, Paolo Cavallini a écrit :
> Hi all,
> some LDAP users cannot authenticate on our system.

What it does exactly? Is there a message ? something else?

> Apparently everything
> is fine, as LDAP server records the access and returns the
> authentication, therefore auth.log does not report an error (it does
> when an user insert wrong credentials).
> We cannot find a reason for this: would it be possible to enable fully
> verbose auth logging, to search for the issue?). Any other suggestion?
> Thanks a lot.

You can enable logs. see : 

See also your file var/log/errors.log

If you synchronize lizmap user groups with groups given by your ldap, be 
sure corresponding lizmap groups exist.

Be sure the account of users who cannot authenticate, have the status 

Check that the LDAP queries you configured allow to retrieve ldap 
attributes of the users who cannot authenticate.


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