[Lizmap] Export layer formats - qgis-wfsOutputExtension vs new plugin Lizmap

Benedetto Figorito b.figorito at arpa.puglia.it
Fri Nov 8 03:57:10 PST 2019


this is my frist post!

Thanks to rldhont at 3liz.com mdouchin at 3liz.com <mailto:mdouchin at 3liz.com> 
for the new "Filter" function in the Plugin 1.1.3 of lizmap, really very 

I would like to ask you if in the future you can implement a function to 
improve supported file formats for export, unfortunately the list of 
available formats only shows me GeoJSON and GML file formats.

Is it possible to export in .csv the table of a layer? Is there a bug in 
export "Filter" function (format ods)?

The procedure using "wfsOutputExtension" is not user-friendly, because 
manual modifications are needed in attributeTable.js, map.js etc. .

It would be useful to be able to select the file format in QGIS 
environment through the defined plugin

I Installed the QGIS Server plugin, I follow this procedure 

Path: opt/qgis-server/plugins -> qgis-wfsOutputExtension-1.2.2

This is the result of WFS GetCapabilities

I have also clear the /temp/lizmap directory with 
lizmap/install/clean_vartmp.sh and update the *.qgs files.

Environment : Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS - qgis-server 3.6 - qgis 3.4.6  - 
Lizmap web client 3.3.0 - postgresql 10, postgis 2.4.3 - python 2.7.15- 
php 7.2

What checks can I do on qgis-server?

Thanks to follow my issue.

Best regards

Benedetto (Bari, Italy)


WebGis: www.webgis.arpa.puglia.it

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