[Lizmap] New Lizmap Web Client pre-releases: 3.4.0-rc.2

René-Luc Dhont rldhont at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 02:26:28 PST 2020

Hi all,

We have released a new Lizmpa Web Client pre-release for 3.4.0. It fixes 
somes bugs found in the first release candidate. Thanks to all, who have 
made some test with this first release candidate. This second release 
candidate is more stable but it needs to be tested to help us release a 
3.4.0 version with a minimum of bugs.


The changelog of lizmap web client 3.4 is :
## New features

- Projects page
   - Possibility to add HTML content on the projects page, with image upload
   - Search filter : filter projects by text or tags
- Popup
   - Add button to get a single table for all children's feature
   - [New module `action` to run PostgreSQL actions from feature 
     This module allows to add action buttons in the popup which trigger 
PostgreSQL queries and return a
     geometry to display on the map
   - Print PDF from a popup (layout having an atlas enabled). You can 
now define values for custom fields
- Atlas tool
   - Allow multiple atlas layer coverage
- Map view
   - Improved UI for mobile. Hamburger button to toggle menu's view
   - Add drawing tools in map canvas
   - Possible to print these drawings (redlining)
   - [QGIS 
switcher on a map
     - Display the QGIS Map theme by default
     - Option to change from one map theme to another one
   - Improvements in the geolocation feature
   - Angle measurement tool
   - Display mouse position in QGIS project's projection
   - Edit mouse position coordinates to center map to given ones
- Selection tool
   - Select on multiple layers or a single one
   - Invert selection
- Edition tool
   - Use QGIS expression in Lizmap edition (needs Lizmap plugin 
installed as a QGIS Server plugin)
       - Group visibility
       - Default value
       - Constraint
       - Form drilldown using Value Relation widget
   - Split tool
   - Enhanced selection
   - Snapping while editing
   - Display angle, current and total segment length
   - Geolocation survey show GPS accuracy, emitting bip
- Dataviz tool
     - Add new sunburst chart type
     - Add new graph type HTML
     - Add internal theme support, between dark (default) and light
     - New options horizontal, display legend, stacked, description
     - Hide/show plot when source layer visibility changes
     - Support multiple traces & remove limit of 2 Y fields for Scatter 
     - Localization
     - Check if layer is in scale range to toggle the corresponding map 
     - Add new user layout option && replace resizePlot by responsive 
cfg && UI improvements
     - Add mode bar: zoom in, out & export to PNG
     - Add the resizePlot function back
- Attribute Table view
   - A Lizmap Javascript script to show description labels instead of 
values in
     the attribute table for columns with ValueMap widget
   - Allow the use of the Lizmap Javascript script also for numeric columns
- Timemanager tool
   - Review the configuration
- Search tool
   - French BAN Search - Add lon and lat parameters to prefer local 
search around map initial extent center
- Access rights
   - Send user info to QGIS Server through parameters to get access control
     performed by Lizmap plugin as a QGIS Server plugin
   - Restrict filter by user on edition only, based on lizmap plugin config
- Administration
   - Project management and Lizmap configuration are now into separate pages
- Command line tool
   - A command line to request project WMS GetCapabilities to put 
project in QGIS Server cache
- Other
   - Support of user packages into `lizmap/my-packages/`. A user can install
     additional PHP packages like vendor modules for Lizmap, into the 
     directory. He should create a `my-packages/composer.json`.
   - Lizmap does not support anymore Internet Explorer (11 and lower)
   - Map themes - check layer legend checkbox even if not in scale range
   - Expose QGIS themes in Lizmap JSON config

## New JS events

- `lizmapeditionfeatureinit` to customize edition layers
- `mapthemechanged` and `mapthemesadded`
- `lizmapchangelayervisibility` when map layer visibility changes

## New PHP events:

- None

## Under the hood:

- Configuration: remove the support of `proxyMethod`. Lizmap now guesses 
   if it can use curl to do HTTP queries.
- Starting to use some OpenLayers 6 features
- Starting to migrate the javascript code base to modern syntax and 
   - web components
   - webpack etc
   - A sourcemap has been added too.
- Upgrade jQuery to 3.5.1 with jQuery-migrate
- Use PHP Composer to import external PHP libraries (jcommunity module, 
Proj4Php, ...)
- Locales files are moved to `lizmap/app/locales/`
- Tests environment with Docker (Vagrant is still there)
- More unit tests in PHP and Javascript
- Deprecated class lizmapCache removed
- Optimizations to speed up launch

René-Luc D'Hont

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