[Lizmap] New Lizmap Web Client bugfix releases - 3.2.10 and 3.3.4

René-Luc Dhont rldhont at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 14:41:11 PST 2020

Hi all,

We have released 2 new Lizmap Web Client bugfix releases.

Bugfix in 3.2.10:
* Add div to ease override of geobookmark text
* Add missing dollars for some variables
* Fix database:migrateusers command
* Information panel cannot be closed
* Remove error logs about layerOpacity
* Fix error in qgisVectorLayer when geometrytype contain parenthesis
* Fix project cache with windows
* Fix geometryType in qgisLayerDbFieldsInfo when reading types
* Fix edition layers order
* Fix WFS GetFeature Output File Name
* edition-point-coord-form-expander more visible and mobile friendly
* Fix WKT parsed geometry with Z, M or ZM pasted to type
* Quote typename in setGeoJsonSql for WFS
* Fix .htaccess files to support Apache 2.4+
* Fix notice into lizmapProject::getRelativeQgisPath()
* Fix geometryType in qgisLayerDbFieldsInfo to lower case
* Fix WMTS GetCapabilities when Lizmap WMS return service exception
* Fix Service Exception code, returns 400
* Fix WMTS GetCapabilities when Error HTTP code or empty WMS data

Bufix in 3.3.4:
* Dataviz - Use WFS SORTBY only for scatter plot
* Fix edition layers order
* Handle missing minutes in timezone offset for filter
* WKT parsed geometry with Z, M or ZM pasted to type
* Fix sql queries by enclosing field/table names correctly
* Fix pgsql connections: do not use persistent connections
* Filter test variable is a string before trim() on it
* Filter autocomplete: force selected value for filter
* Filter add max and min date in datepicker
* Hide header with parameter ?h=0 in landing page && use it for maps url
* An auto-increment field cannot be required
* Filter: test if there is one/several fields in getMinAndMaxValues()

Upgrade Jelix to 1.6.26


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