[Lizmap] New version 3.2.7 of QGIS plugin

Etienne Trimaille etrimaille at 3liz.com
Mon Feb 24 05:48:13 PST 2020

Good afternoon,

My last messages about Lizmap QGIS plugin was about the release of 3.2.1
beginning of February.

We have just released 3.2.7. It has been a lot of code and work to make a
better user experience for our users.

You can check the full changelog here:

Basically, since version 3.2.1:
- All panels are now editable. You can select a row and click the small
pen. You can also move a row up or down if the tool allows it.
- Better user experience for selecting many fields, displaying color in
- The dataviz has been refactored to make the user know when he can use a
second Y field, make the X field optional etc.
- Add a list of Lizmap Web Client versions on the left menu. The plugin
will show unavailable features accordingly to your feature.

You can update your plugin and please report any issue you have while using
Lizmap QGIS plugin. If so, please open the QGIS logs (the small comic
bubble on the right bottom corner, you will find a Lizmap tab with some

For translators, a log of strings has changed. Transifex is up to date and
strings can be translated :
https://www.transifex.com/3liz-1/lizmap-locales/dashboard/ resources "
for the QGIS plugin.



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