[Lizmap] Changes about how to contribute to lizmap, or to install a development version from Git

Laurent Jouanneau ljouanneau at 3liz.com
Fri Jan 31 06:13:49 PST 2020

Hi everybody,

If you try regularly (or want to try), the development version of Lizmap 
3.4 (master branch of the repository), you have to know that there are 
some changes, on how to install the source code of Lizmap.

We started to change how we develop our javascript files, and how we 
install dependencies (external PHP and Javascript libraries). We started 
to use some tools:

  * Composer to use external PHP libraries (instead of to include them
    directly into our source code)
  * Npm and Webpack to install JS dependencies and build our Javascript

So, we started to remove existing dependencies from the repository, and 
new javascript files resulting from the build are not included into the 
repository (those files may be too big in the future, when we'll start 
to use recent version of OpenLayer for example).

The consequences of this new development workflow, is that the source 
code in the master branch of the repository of Lizmap-web-client, is not 
usable directly as it was in previous branches.

So :

  * if you just want to test an unstable version of lizmap, download the
    corresponding package from
    https://packages.3liz.org/pub/lizmap/unstable/. Do not use git
    anymore. Zip packages contains all dependencies and built files.
    Just pick the zip, unarchive files, and install Lizmap as usual.
  * If you want to contribute, and test your code, you'll have to
    install some tools like Composer, Npm and Make. After retrieving the
    source code with git, you'll have to launch these tools to install
    dependencies and to build JS files. See the CONTRIBUTING.md
    file for details.

For official stable releases, you'll just have to download zip packages 
from the release page on Github, as usual: 
https://github.com/3liz/lizmap-web-client/releases. Zip packages 
contains all dependencies and built files.

Best regards


Laurent Jouanneau
Responsable Développement
www.3liz.com <http://www.3liz.com>

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