[Lizmap] Adding 3D on LizMap

Lilia Pleskach pleslillia at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 05:29:06 PDT 2020

Hi everyone,

I have Lizmap 3.6.3. I've tried to add *3D* content on LizMap using this
code: https://mdouchin.github.io/lizmap-presentation/#/46.

I've placed this code in my repository:

My HTML (threejs.html) file is in the same folder ("repository"). I can see
the bottom of "Vue 3D" on LizMap, but when I click, there is the following
error: *{"error":"404 not found (wrong action)","message":"No media file in
the specified path: qgis\/media\/js\/repeindex.html"}*. Others paths don't
work either.

There is definitely no error with my HTML file, it appears on the web
browser (see the image in PJ). I created this test model based on this
video: https://vimeo.com/83511028.

All other Javascript events

Code *threejs.js*:

    uicreated: function(e) {
        var mediaLink = OpenLayers.Util.urlAppend(
        var frameSrc = mediaLink +'&path=*/media/js/repository/threejs.html*
            'Vue 3D',
            '<iframe src="' + frameSrc + '" height="800px" width="100%">',

Do you have any idea how to manage this issue?

Thank you a lot and have a nice day,
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