[Lizmap] Call for translations about the next version of Lizmap

Etienne Trimaille etrimaille at 3liz.com
Tue Jul 21 02:43:50 PDT 2020

Good morning,

These last few months, the documentation got a lot of updates, especially
in the "Publisher guide".

Instead of using the normal public link, https://docs.lizmap.com, I
recommend you using the "next" version https://docs.lizmap.com/next/. It is
now more user-friendly because some pages have been split into different
chapters etc.

But after a refactoring of the documentation, we unfortunately lost some
translations. So we invite you to contribute to the translation of the
documentation using this link:

You can also translate the Lizmap Web Client 3.4 there:
You can filter by category equal to "master" to have the 3.4 version.

The QGIS plugin is not yet available for translation. We will make another
call when the release of Lizmap 3.4 will be closer.



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