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G. Wagner, Wagner-IT info at wagner-it.de
Thu Dec 2 06:45:14 PST 2021

Hi Arnaud,


thank you very much, just tested it and it works fine.


I would not have thought of long distances. At 900 meters the database has to work quite a lot but it works great.






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Betreff: Re: AW: [Lizmap] Altiprofil - change resolution


Hi Gunter,

The resolution parameter can now be set in the admin panel.
This resolution is used to compute the profile.
When the line (draw on the map) is less than 1 km then the default resolution is used (e.g. a point every X meters).
When the line is more than 1 km then the script increase the default resolution (default resolution * 5). 
This is done to avoid having heavy computation when users draw a very long line.



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