[Lizmap] Latest Lizmap plugin: small glitch

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Tue Feb 16 23:25:48 PST 2021

Hi Etienne,

Il 17/02/21 08:20, Etienne Trimaille ha scritto:

> That's why I added a link to the documentation, but you couldn't click
> on it for now !
> By going manually on the documentation :
> https://docs.lizmap.com/current/en/publish/lizmap_plugin/information.html#configuring-the-tool
> <https://docs.lizmap.com/current/en/publish/lizmap_plugin/information.html#configuring-the-tool>

yes, seen; I still believe adding '(http://...)' to the string would
help, like:
You can add *your* [not our?] server URL (htttp(s)://...) to keep' etc.
Very minor stuff anyway.
Paolo Cavallini
www.faunalia.eu - QGIS.org
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