[Lizmap] WFS visualization on lizmap 3.4.1

Eugenio Trumpy frippe12573 at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 28 13:56:18 PST 2021

Dear all,

I have just tested the new lizmap version 3.4.1.
I tried to visualise a map created in QGIS that include a WFS layer served by a different map server (not provided by QGIS Server >3.0).
The WFS layer is well visible in QGIS withou errors in the log.
Then by using the Lizmap plugin I created a map including such layer.
Once I launch the map I got these line in the qgisserver log:

the only issue I see for the WFS is:
[27692][22:42:58] Error at line 1, column 1: error occurred while parsing element.
[27692][22:42:58] Cannot create temporary SpatiaLite cache

Does anybody experience about this issue and possible solutions?
Am I missing something in the config?
Or am I wrong somewhere else?


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