[Lizmap] hundred's of users creation script

Laurent Jouanneau ljouanneau at 3liz.com
Fri Jun 11 01:32:40 PDT 2021


Le 10/06/2021 à 09:23, Lionel Bargeot a écrit :
> Hi all
> In a scientific project we will use Lizmap to get informations about 
> hundreds of farms.
> We need to
> - create hundred's of accounts (login, password, email)
> - use "filters by group" and so create hundred's of groups and put 
> each new user in it's own group.
> I've allready identifyed a good way to create users with this command 
> line :
> php lizmap/scripts/script.php jcommunity~user:create -v 
> --no-error-if-exists myuser user at mail.org secretpassword

That's right, you must use this command , as it also initializes the 
user into the ACL system. This initialization creates for each users "a 
private group", so you don't have to create individual groups by yourself.

Names of these groups are "__priv_<login>" where "<login>" is the login 
of the owner of the group. You should indicate this group name into 
"filters by group".


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