[Lizmap] Dataviz - Limitations?

Immo Blecher immo at blecher.co.za
Wed Mar 17 08:41:00 PDT 2021

Hi All,

My Setup:

 1. Lizmap 3.4.0
 2. QGIS Server 3.16
 3. All on Linux Server (not sure which one, offsite)
 4. All spatial and table data in PosgreSQL

I had a Dataviz set up with a bar chart for monthly rainfall [mm] to 
display in the popup by clicking on a rainfall station on the map. First 
I only had 3 sites which worked fine. Then I added another four sites 
and now the chart header briefly flashes and disappears again.

The rainfall station table is the master and the rainfall readings are 
in a detail table (1-N) with 4 fields...ID, site_id, date, reading and 
the relation set up with the Rainfall station table's site_id. The 
readings are 1 per month (monthly rainfall), so in Dataviz the X is the 
date field and the Y is the reading field. There are about 3700 readings 
(about 400 to 700 per site). Is there any limitation on that? Why did it 
work with 3 sites and not with the seven? But now even when reverting to 
the 3 sites it does not work any more. Is that a cache problem? The 
detail table with the rainfall readings is ticked in the WFS QGIS Server 
setup and the whole project is valid.

It seems to be a problem with the relation (maybe???), but in QGIS info 
tool the relations show fine (the detail data is there).

This is quite frustrating.



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