[Lizmap] Sum for selection

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Sun Oct 3 23:41:06 PDT 2021

Hi all,
we would need a function apparently not present in the base functions:
unce selected a series of features, display not only the data from the
table, but also the sum for some variables.
I'm wrapping my head around this, and I cannot find a clean solution.
I see three main routes:
* through QGIS expressions (unsure it is feasible)
* with PostGIS views (how to show only selected?)
* with JavaScript.
The last one seems the most promising: am I correct? Any hint on how to
Thanks for any suggestion.
Paolo Cavallini
www.faunalia.eu - QGIS.org
training, support, development on QGIS, PostGIS and more

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