[Lizmap] New Release Candidate of Lizmap 3.5.0

Pierre Drillin sio.drillin at gmail.com
Wed Oct 20 05:00:00 PDT 2021

This release of lizmap 3.5 marks what we hope to be the last Release
Candidate release of lizmap 3.5. It brings a number of enhancement, both
under the hood and visually, the complete list is available in our changelog
We've added all the things we wanted in this release. We plan on making the
final 3.5 release by the end of the year (read December).
Highlights of things we added/changed :

  1. Reverse Geommetry button
  2. Popup generation from qgis form
  3. Access control based on polygons

Lizmap is open source and that means we count on you, our community of
users, to make this release the best release to this date. We need you to
use this RC and let us know of any bugs that didn't happen in either RC2 or
the 3.4 release. If you use our SAAS instances <https://www.lizmap.com/>,
let us know if you want to make the switch, if you use your own version try
to make the switch and let us know how it went.
If running a Release Candidate is not something doable in your context,
there are other things you can do to make this release better.
First, you can make our documentation better, we have a number of open
issues <https://github.com/3liz/lizmap-documentation/issues>, that we
didn't have time to take care of. Please have a look and add what's missing.
Second, you can help translate Lizmap to your language. We use transiflex
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3y0x8q3Oj7Q> to manage translations. As
you can see <https://www.transifex.com/3liz-1/lizmap-locales/>, only
English and Japanese are currently completely translated. Translating a
string or two per week would make lizmap a way better world citizen.
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