[Lizmap] Lizmap Web Client 3.6 beta release

Etienne Trimaille etrimaille at 3liz.com
Tue Aug 2 08:11:48 PDT 2022

Hi everyone,

We have released the first versions of Lizmap Web Client 3.6 beta 1 and 
2 last week.

You can find the full changelog on the release page :


Some highlights in the version 3.6 :

- new panel in the administration interface to show all QGIS projects, 
QGIS desktop version, number of layers etc, like the screenshot in my 
tweet : https://twitter.com/etrimaille/status/1554404060018753537

- link between the form filter and attribute table about filtering

- Enable auto display the legend image for a layer at startup, be 
careful, this is making an extra request to QGIS server

Transifex has been updated, both Lizmap Web Client and documentation 

As a friendly reminder, do not forget to update Lizmap plugin in QGIS 
desktop as soon QGIS offers it to you, or go and do it manually ! We are 
releasing at least ONE version every month of the plugin !

Same for the Lizmap server plugin, you shouldn't forget to upgrade it. 
The next version of Lizmap will enforce you to do it when Lizmap Web 
Client is updated as well now.



Etienne Trimaille
www.3liz.com <http://www.3liz.com>

*Tel.* 06 12 93 11 39
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