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There might be another way to do so. I'm oftenly using the "Background selector<https://github.com/3liz/lizmap-javascript-scripts/blob/master/library/ui/background_selector>" script in this github repo https://github.com/3liz/lizmap-javascript-scripts, and it seems doing this.

In the JS file :

  *   On a click event you create a div and add it to html

In the css file :

  *   You define style of your created div.



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I haven't tried, but an HTML media file should be loaded in the popup. Not included as an iframe. Maybe it's not exactly what you wanted. Just for your information


> For a given feature, using a path in your field starting by media/, Lizmap will display:

  *   the content for txt or HTML files

On 11/08/2022 09:36, Marin M wrote:
I thought If there is possibility to input JS then it would be logic to couple-in HTML

Maybe wishful thinking. But could be cool

B regards,

Marin Mirosevic

Dana ponedjeljak, 18. srpnja 2022. Peter Berger <peter.berger at bluewin.ch<mailto:peter.berger at bluewin.ch>> piše:

Interesting question. Hope somebody can help.


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> Am 18.07.2022 um 17:20 schrieb Marin M <marin.mirosevic at gmail.com<mailto:marin.mirosevic at gmail.com>>:
> hi,
> is it possible ,in addition to the Javascript file, to have an HTML file connected to it , in the media folder .
> My intention would be, when a feature  is selected/clicked on a lizmap web client, that Javascript calls a div  ID which has an iframe defined on it.
> Is it possible at all to do coupled HTML/Javascript in the Media folder Lizmap`?
> If so, how ?I tried and it seems it is not working. Or am I doing something wrong ?
> best regards
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