[Lizmap] Lizmap multi identify features (popUp or attribute table) + export(PDF?)

Marin M marin.mirosevic at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 07:37:00 PDT 2022


I tried to get in Lizmap the same functionality as when user in QGIS
selects IDENTIFY FEATURES, selects with dragging the cursor (square
selection field) from which user can see features and their field values.

So basically to have reported in a similar way in Lizmap web but with a
slight difference that user would select a polygon (another layer) and gets
reported inside that certain polygon the same thing that is reported by
using IDENTIFY FEATURES functionality in QGIS

I have done :

1. Processing toolbox- Join Attributes by location to join to common ID
layers features which are located in another (polygon feature) of a polygon

2. Project-Properties- Relations to establish connection on an attribute
field (produced in 1.)

3. selected (-Display related children under each object option in the
underlying layer. Liz plugin)

4. Selected both layers for Attribute table in Lizmap Plugin

.After FTP transfer  I can actually select a polygon (ID) in the Attribute
table and get reported all of the related  features from another layer.

But as I see there is no EXPORT capability for filtered data. Is there any
way around it?

Also might there be another way to gain filtration and report(PDF?) like
dragging polygon in QGIS (IDENTIFY FEATURES )?


Marin Mirosevic
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