[Lizmap] New plugin version 3.8.0 for QGIS desktop

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Hi Nuno,


in this example everything is running on an Ubuntu 20.04. server.

I also believe that there is a problem with the cache but this concerns the problems with the WFS services.


Here I suspect that on the local PC the changes in the Lizmap plugin are not written to the .cfg file at all.


For example, if I change the title of a layer in the Lizmap plugin and then save Lizmap + QGIS, I do not find this change in the .cfg file.







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Hi there Gunter.


I'm currently having the same issue and the only workaround I have is restarting the qgis-server service...I'm currently testing a different architecture proposed for Lizmap, I have several docker containers running Lizmap Web Interface (for load balancing) and a VM running QGIS-SERVER as a configured service....and all those containers point to http://vm-qgis-server:8200 for processing requests...as said by Lizmap developers, the LWC and QGIS server must be on same machine...I guess it's because of that issue, if you have LWC + QGIS SERVER + LIZMAP Plugin installed on same machine, the cache issues when you change a layer must be fixed with the Lizmap Plugin on QGIS Server.


This said, do you have the holy trinity of software installed on the same server?



Kind regards,

Nuno Silva



G. Wagner, Wagner-IT <info at wagner-it.de <mailto:info at wagner-it.de> > escreveu no dia quinta, 9/06/2022 à(s) 07:25:



thank you very much for the update.


Also in the current version 3.8.1 I have the problem that the properties, e.g. the title or the layer tree options for existing layers are not updated.


For new layers everything works fine.


Is there a workaround?


QGIS / QGIS-Server (Ubuntu 20.04.) 3.22.7,  Lizmap 3.8.1 / 3.5.3



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Hi everyone,


We have just released the new version for Lizmap QGIS desktop 3.8.0.

You should do the upgrade in the QGIS plugin manager.


The full changelog is available on GitHub :



In this version, the server side code has been removed because it's now in the other plugin.




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Com os melhores cumprimentos,
Nuno A.C. Machado da Silva

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