[Lizmap] New plugin version 3.8.0 for QGIS desktop

G. Wagner, Wagner-IT info at wagner-it.de
Thu Jun 9 02:07:31 PDT 2022


Thanks for the hint with the QGIS log.
There is a lot written in the Lizmap tab.

After tests it does not seem to affect all layers. I can change the title of a raster layer. Not the title of vector data from a PG-DB.

This is a layer where, for example, the title cannot be changed:
2022-06-09T10:48:43 INFO Reading configuration from dictionary for layer brw2020

Nevertheless, when saving in the Lizmap plugin, a corresponding success message appears:
2022-06-09T10:58:06 SUCCESS Lizmap : Lizmap configuration file has been updated.
2022-06-09T10:58:06 INFO The CFG file has been written to "D:/....3_22.qgs.cfg".

There are warnings, but they have always been there. Some layers from the ALKIS import do not comply with the QGC standard. But it doesn't matter, because these layers are grouped together.
2022-06-09T10:58:06 WARNING Lizmap : The QGIS project does not comply with the OGC standards. Check in the project properties in the QGIS Server tab the messages at the 'Test Configuration". 2 errors were found.

Can these messages be important:
2022-06-09T10:50:30 INFO Skip key popupTemplate because no UI widget
2022-06-09T10:50:30 INFO Skip key noLegendImage because no UI widget
2022-06-09T10:50:30 INFO Skip key minScale because no UI widget
2022-06-09T10:50:30 INFO Skip key maxScale because no UI widget

And then there are error messages where unfortunately more information is missing:
2022-06-09T10:50:07 WARNING Layers not found.
2022-06-09T10:50:30 WARNING No item.

There were no problems with the project before the update to 3.8.0.


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Hi everyone,

Indeed a new version 3.8.1 has been released yesterday as well.
Igor reported an issue on GitHub yesterday that I fixed.

About your issue, maybe you will have some clues in the QGIS logs then Lizmap tab when the CFG file is saved ?

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