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sorry but my english is very bad.

I have to translate everything with Deepl or Google and that is probably sometimes not quite correct.


Maybe someone else with better English can complete it. It would certainly make sense (cost me a lot of time).



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Thanks for the feedback.


Do you think you can make a ticket or better to click the pen to edit on https://github.com/3liz/lizmap-documentation/blob/master/source/publish/configuration/spatial_search.rst to add this information ?



On 29/06/2022 08:18, G. Wagner, Wagner-IT wrote:



Thanks for the help, the problem is solved. 
Small cause, big effect.


After a long search we noticed that "item_filter" and "item_project" were empty for me. However, they must contain "NULL".


After filling with "NULL" the search works perfectly and very fast.




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