[Lizmap] Publish WFS services in QGIS with Lizmap

G. Wagner, Wagner-IT info at wagner-it.de
Thu May 26 05:29:59 PDT 2022

Hi everyone,


I am trying to publish a WFS service integrated in QGIS with QGIS
Server/Lizmap (QGIS-Server 3.22.7, Lizmap 3.5.3).


The corresponding layer name is displayed in the Lizmap client but no data
is displayed. Or sometimes and only once in a zoom level.


The error message in the QGIS error log could fit to this (cache problem?):

WARNING WFS[1497]: Cannot create temporary SpatiaLite cache.: Cannot copy
file to


Creating the directories
"/home/qgis/.local/share/QGIS/QGIS3/profiles/default/cache/wfsprovider" with
appropriate permissions does not change anything.


In the Apache error.log there is still the message:

QNetworkDiskCache::prepare() unable to open temporary file


In the Apache.conf is defined:

        FcgidInitialEnv QGIS_SERVER_CACHE_DIRECTORY "/home/qgis/cache"


What am I doing wrong?





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