[Lizmap] Lizmap Web Client 3.6 - first release candidate

Etienne Trimaille etrimaille at 3liz.com
Wed Nov 2 09:14:47 PDT 2022

Hi, again, Lizmap users,

The Lizmap Web Client 3.4 has reached its end of life, because we are 
releasing soon 3.6.0, the new major version of Lizmap.

We have released last week the first RC version, Release Candidate, of 
3.6. So if you can try, please install and report any regression from 
this release.

To know what is new, please check these changelog links, especially the 
first beta 1.




If you want to install, use the ZIP in the RC 1 link.

One of the new feature is the new panel in the administration interface. 
There is now a table designed for GIS administrators showing all 
projects with their metadata such as QGIS desktop version which was 
used, last update of the project, number of layers etc.

Warning, some projects might not be shown in the landing page because of 
the QGIS project (or the Lizmap CFG file) is too old. But these projects 
are still visible from the administration panel, to warn you about what 
is wrong and needs to be fixed from your side.

So when you update to Lizmap Web Client 3.6, be  ready to update some 
QGIS project ;-)

We are preparing the final changelog and blog post for the 3.6.0 with 
the list of funders etc.

We also started the development of Lizmap 3.7.0.



Etienne Trimaille
www.3liz.com <http://www.3liz.com>

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