[Lizmap] popup and link problem

Carlo A. Nicolini t4950c at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 05:59:36 PST 2023

The layer "Sistemi_subsistemi_UTOE" is vector layer and the popup is a
"Lizmap HTML". This kind of popup is deprecated for vector layer, you
should switch to another kind of popup, for instance to a "QGIS HTML
maptip". This will be removed in a future version of Lizmap.


I'm using qgis-server 3.26.3 with lizmap web client 3.5.5, qgis 3.22.14 and
the latest version of the plugin. Having updated a project and the Lizmap
HTML popups show the above warning. I've tried converting to QGIS HTML
Maptip and everything works except the link to pdf under media which gives
the following message: error "404 not found (wrong action)" message "No
media file in the specified path:

can anyone help me understand?

thank you for all

Carlo A.
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