[Lizmap] basemap not accessible printing lizmap

Philippe CIANFARANI observatoire at grandlibournais.eu
Mon Mar 13 01:52:33 PDT 2023

Hello community,

I can't see the OSM backgrounds exported with the print tool in the webmap.

The tool works well. Just missing the background

Config :

Lizmap Web Client

Version 	3.5.10
Date 	2023-01-25

QGIS Serveur

Nombre 	3.22.15
Nom 	Białowieża
ID du commit 	ef17ad1494 <https://github.com/qgis/QGIS/commit/ef17ad1494>

atlasprint 	3.3.2
lizmap_server 	1.3.1
wfsOutputExtension 	1.7.1

If someone has an idea....

Thank you,


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