[Lizmap] Popup without NULL values

G. Wagner, Wagner-IT info at wagner-it.de
Tue May 23 02:39:48 PDT 2023



in the current Lizmap version 3.6.3 I still have problems to display
popup-info-windows without NULL values, as it worked e.g. in version 3.3.11.


*	With "Automatic" popup the NULL values are displayed [1]
*	With "QGIS HTML maptip" (DragDrop) no NULL values are displayed but
description and value are below each other (I find this rather confusing and
not space-saving) [2]
*	With "QGIS HTML maptip" (Generate an HTML table), actually my
favorite, the NULL values are displayed and the visibility setting for WMS
are not taken into account [3]



To get the desired result (table form without NULL values [4]) I have to
manually change the code each time.

Since I use this popup solution very often in many layers and projects,
this is very time consuming.


Is there possibly an easier way to get to the target [4]?


Many thanks in advance for hints



[1]  https://wagner-it.de/download/lizmap/popup1.jpg

[2] https://wagner-it.de/download/lizmap/popup2.jpg

[3] https://wagner-it.de/download/lizmap/popup3.jpg

[4] https://wagner-it.de/download/lizmap/popup4.jpg



Günter Wagner



Ingenieurbüro für Geoinformatik
Carl-Orff-Weg 7
79312 Emmendingen
Tel.:  07641/9621668
Fax:  07641/915599
www.wagner-it.de <http://www.wagner-it.de/> 

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