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On 26.09.2011 12:04, Mike Saunt wrote:
> All,
> I managed to get Duncan Guthrie at 1Spatial to agree to a £500
> sponsorship to OSGeo UK Chapter at the AGI GeoCommunity.  Astun
> Technology will also be sponsoring again (same amount) this year - I
> think from November.  
> With an OSGeo strategy / marketing hat on I think we need to be looking
> at raising the profile and I think the chapter needs to see where it can
> push to get things for free (OSGIS, Universities, AGI Special Interest
> Groups etc) - £1000 won't go too far so we'll also need to get other
> sponsorship in.  If we are doing this it could be good to see if we can
> get say 3 year commitments from organisations to help us.
> I think the the Chapter needs to consider is getting some 'levels' of
> sponsorship in place for different amounts similar to the osgeo.org
> <http://osgeo.org>.  Tyler would no doubt have info, marketing material
> etc - can you let us know Tyler?

Tyler's contract with OSGeo is terminating on November 18th plus he is
busy with his family, their baby was born just a few days back. So do
not expect too much to come from his end in the next few days.

What were you expecting to get from OSGeo, how can we help? You can
browse all the material produced by the Marketing committee here:

If you need more input or have ideas oyu want to share the best way to
get this articulated is by joining the marketing mailing list at:

> We then need to approach organisations (not just companies) - it would
> be good to get lots of orgs logos on the website.  Current thoughts on
> orgs are as follows.
>     * Unis (Nottingham, Lancaster, Newcastle etc - anyone who sponsors)
>     * GI Suppliers (Astun, 1Spatial, Autodesk, Ordnance Survey, Atkins,
>       Faunalia etc)
>     * Users (West Midlands Fire (?), Scottish Parliament, WAG etc)
>     * Smaller suppliers / users who would like to promote their wares
> This really needs to go into a plan and I would suggest having one to
> put forward to the chapter at the next IRC.  I think I had my name down
> for that so I'd be happy to do this but need to garner feedback over the
> next month to then put a proposal together.

This is also of interest to OSGeo in general. We are still working on a
good pitch that explains what you get in return for becoming a sponsor.

Another option is to have people and organizations become members of
your organization (probably needs to be a legal entity, not sure what
the law is in the UK). We do this in the German Local Chapter where both
individuals and companies can become members for a smallish fee and I
expect something like this to also happen in OSGeo at some point
hopefully not too far in the future.

Best regards,

I included the Local Chapters Mailing list in this thread because this
might be interesting to others around the world.

> Sound OK?  Let me know.  I'd like to look at getting a collaboration web
> site set up for this so we can all feed ideas into.  
> Thanks
> Mike
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