Formalizing PSC

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at
Thu Apr 6 10:27:32 EDT 2006

Hi Mapbender developers,
this email is intended to start formalizing project steering processes. 
We currently boast a board of seven people managing the project.

You never voted for them, they simply came into existence probably by 
autogamy. This will change when you decide that it is time to kick 
someone out of the board or that the Mapbender PSC needs fresh blood.

A short review of how we worked up to date shows that most decisions are 
taken by alternating sub groups of two or three people who subsequently 
also do the implementation. I have been thinking on how to formalize 
this rather biotic proceeding and it is somewhat tricky. Do we need to 
form formal subgroups for formal legitimation? I believe that it should 
be fine to continue as we did, I have written up on the current 
situation, please edit and discuss here.

The details on how we proceed, vote, make decisions and eventually some 
kind of bylaws are also being developed in the Mapbender Wiki, find it here:
Maybe OSGeo will provide some help on this too. Until then we can tag 
along as we did.

Once stable I suggest to move these docs to the www trunk / document 
repository of OSGeo as official documents (if only to make some good use 
of the great infrastructure). Basically it could also stay in the Wiki 
as all Wiki editors are known individuals and make up the second level 
elective body.

Hi PSC members,
could you please update your user pages in the Wiki to reflect your 
provenance. Currently we have 6 people working full time for three 
companies plus one freelancer.

Either add your contacts directly to the Wiki or add a link to a web 
site with your profile.
(I like that one, how do you pronounce "Bj%C3%B6rn"?)

Best regards,

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