[Mapbender-dev] Re: [Incubator] Mapbender Incubator Process

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at ccgis.de
Thu Apr 6 12:31:16 EDT 2006

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Arnulf Christl wrote:
>> We have decided to leave the history behind at SourceForge as it will 
>> stay available there until the end of days. As we have cleaned out the 
>> code and merged two branches some months ago we do not expect any 
>> larger issues.
> I am curious why you are choosing to leave behind history. From my
> point of view, retained source control history is a useful tool if we
> ever need to track details of the source of code, or defend it in court.
> I would feel more comfortable if all projects could retain their history
> though it isn't clear to me that this really very important.

I missed this one previously.

The reason why we had decided to leave the history behind was to avoid 
boredom (who cares for the old crap) combined with laziness (we have to 
use the migration tool). But it does make sense to keep everything 
together so we will migrate all the history once SVN lets us in.

> Building awareness and getting involvement in the OSGeo incubation process
> is a challenge for all the projects I think.

Nicely put.

> Best regards,


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