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Marc Jansen jansen.marc at
Fri Dec 1 04:02:56 EST 2006

Hi list,

I did not follow this whole thread but want to add a suggestion to 
probably use the jQuery-Framework ( plus some needed 
extensions for this purpose (interface, e.g.,

jQuery is well documented, easy to understand and implement, 
cross-browser compatible (sort of), and can be extended with plugins. 
(and a whole lot of plugins have already been developed). It is licensed 
und MIT or GPL and as such, it might easily be added to the mapbender 

Just my 2 cents,

-- Marc

Melchior Moos schrieb:
> Hi Marko,
> Samson, Marko schrieb:
>> Oh, just had a look at it. Very nice new functionalities!!!
>> (Just an idea, but would it be very difficult to move the layers by 
>> drag and drop inside the treefolder? I didn't have a look at the code 
>> yet, but perhaps you could positioning every layer with absolute 
>> position and than getting the onclick position and the mouseup 
>> position for repositioning the layer by comparing it with the given 
>> layerpositions. )
> I thought about it too, it would be a really cool feature. I had 
> something like this in my mind:
> I think it is not easy to implement, but maybe I will try it (when I 
> have to much time ;-) )
> regards,
> melchior
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