Mapbender Project Metrics

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at
Sat Dec 2 13:42:14 EST 2006

Hi folks,
I added Mapbender to the Ohloh site. It checks through the Source Code
repository and analyzes contributor activity, licenes, comment ratio, etc.
It is quite an interesting way to put some metrics on a project. In our
case we miss the CVS history of Mapbender prior to moving to OSGeo SVN, so
the metrics are a little more modest than really should be which is fine,
in the end we are a humble crowd.


Ahm - while I am at it, there is one line of comment form the analysis bot
that I would want to let speak for itself:

"The source code has an extremely low number of comments relative to other
PHP projects."

On the same issue: After crashing my notebook yet again and while setting
up eclipse and connecting back in to SVN I noticed that we make it very
hard for people to try to join in or contribute code (we do not even have
one single page describing how to connect to SVN). We should really
improve this. I added one humble paragraph in the probably most crappy
page of the whole Wiki:

We are not exactly brilliant here. :-/

I don't want to hold you off hacking but maybe we all should go back and
read a little more on

Now after ranting a little I go back and wave my hands instead of putting
good code into the repository (it is so frustrating to see my contribution
to Mapbender code base tend to zero...).

Best regards anyway and thanx for all the fish,

Arnulf Christl

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