IRC on freenode #mapbender

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at
Mon Jul 3 05:00:22 EDT 2006

Hi all,
with respect to the upcoming IRC - we are all new to this communication 
media (please don't lol, a smirk will do :-). Additionally a fair number 
of active contributors work inside heavily guarded and firewalled closed 
gardens so many cannot use IRC directly. We are setting up an HTML 
client to bridge this gap and so far it seems as if people catch on to 
IRC-like communication very readily.

We are in the process of registering #mapbender on freenode but flunked 
filling out the forms. We will manage here eventually too.

Another issue is language. Although most every German had at one point 
to learn some English in school we are by far not as fluent as we might 
want to be on IRC. Therefore we will tolerate a German Kommentar, ohne 
das jemand deshalb gleich mit faulen Tomaten beworfen wird. Wichtiger 
ist, dass wir uns rege beteiligen.

We will stick to the basic rule: If it is important someone will translate.

Best regards,

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