[Mapbender-devel] Important notice: We are migrating to the OSGeo Foundation!

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at ccgis.de
Thu Mar 2 05:08:32 EST 2006

The new Mapbender devel-mailing list is

dev at mapbender.osgeo.org


Arnulf Christl wrote:
> Hi All,
> we are happy to announce that you are going to be the gunnea pigs who 
> will be the first to move to the all-new Open Source Geospatial 
> Foundation platform. Our new home - hopefully for years to come - will be:
> http://mapbender.osgeo.org
> The initial account to spawn the project site ("arnulf") has been 
> created by Daniel Brookshier who is the designated Community Manager of 
> the OSGeo Foundation. As you can imagine he has a fair load full of work 
> to do migrating MapGuide Open Source, MapServer, GeoTools GeoServer, 
> MapBuilder, etc. into this infrastructure. So if you have a request 
> please first post it to the new Mapbender devel list and we will try to 
> help you there. If we really get lost we will ask Daniel for help and 
> get back at you asap.
> You find the new devel list adress in the To: field of this email. I 
> have copied all of your email accounts to this new list, so even without 
> having an account at the OSGeo foundation you will get all mails posted 
> to this list immediately. You will soon receive a somewhat cryptic email 
> titled
> "confirm subscribe to dev at mapbender.osgeo.org"
> from the ezmlm program. Just hit reply to acknowledge that you want to 
> be added to the devel list. Our friend, the ezmlm program will confirm 
> this with yet another email.
> You will want to create an account to access the OSGeo site and thus 
> browse, read, join and cooperate with all the other projects. That way 
> you stay informed about what is going on. If you are not interested, you 
> don't have to do anything else.
> The new site includes a site wide search and implements neat 
> single-sign-on (what I have been dreaming about for years). So whenever 
> you have a minute please check out the new site and create an account 
> there. Once you are done we can then add you to the Mapbender 
> Development Team with specific roles (Contributer, Developer, Observer, 
> etc.) or a combination thereof. Once you know what you think your role 
> might be ask Uli or me to change your settings or request for a role by 
> hitting the corresponding button in your settings.
> For the next few days or weeks we will answer to requests on both lists 
> but always point people to the new list address, so that we can shut 
> down the SourceForge list as soon as possible. Once we all think that 
> this has worked fine we will also migrate the larger user list and try 
> to do this with as little friction as possible. Therefore we have moved 
> you first (sorry for the "guniea pig") because we hope that you (it 
> educated people) will not have any problems. If you have suggestions on 
> how we could alleviate the transition, please post it to the devel list 
> so that we can discuss it there. We will then contact Daniel for 
> anything else we might need.
> The Wiki/web site is going to stay where it is for the time being, we 
> are still working out with CollabNet on how to best integrate it.
> There are for sure going to be minor problems - thats how software works 
> - but we are positive that the migration to the OSGeo platform will give 
> us a head start and help to integrate even better with all the other 
> great projects. Just try to warm yourself to the idea that we are taking 
> the next of improving our Open Source Software development.
> This email has been posted to the Wiki.
> Use the discussion page there for further ideas. You still need a 
> separate account to edit Wiki, we have not been able to work this one 
> out yet.
> Thanx for your help and have fun.
> Best regards,
> Arnulf.
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