[Mapbender-dev] branches, tags and svn ...

Thomas Baschetti Thomas.Baschetti at gmx.de
Fri Nov 3 06:10:40 EST 2006


> You asked about the svn. At the moment we commit the new or changed code 
> only to the mapbender trunk and don't offer a testbed.
> I think it's a good idea to setup a testarea where new code can be 
> presented to the community. But I don't know, how this can be organized 
> in the svn.

Don't know either, but it definitly would be nice. 

> Another question we discussed about at the FOSSGIS 2006 was: Where can 
> we leave code which is not generic or assume a special database or 
> architecture or is not following the standars, but maybe is nice to have 
> (some examples poi-search [needs configuration and geodata in a 
> postgresql database], str/hsnr-search implemented on postgresql ...). It 
> would be nice to have a branch where this code could be left.

What about a special directory?

For my modules i first used $MAPBENDEROOT/http/extensions, 
at the moment i put all in a new directory in 
$MAPBENDEROOT/http/itebo to
keep it separated from the original distribution.

I wanted to use a direcory-order like
but this won't work because of code like

> require_once("../php/mb_validateSession.php");

which require to be only one level down.

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