[SAC] Mapbender test platform

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Fri Nov 3 13:13:16 EST 2006

Arnulf Christl wrote:
>  The 
> installation needs PHP5, it should be possible to configure all PHP 
> settings on that machine. A PostgreSQL/PostGIS database is required for 
> operation (additionally a MySQL instance would be helpful to get all 
> debugging done at one place). Obviously it should be possible to up- and 
> download files to that server. Code and resources will only eat up 
> minimal disk space.
> All this feels like it would best be hosted on a virtual machine that 
> can be hacked and configured independent of the other OSGeo 
> infrastructure. Ideally it would be possible to duplicate this virtual 
> machine and have a life demo server that always hosts the current 
> version. The operating system platform is fairly irrelevant, any Linunix 
> will do, preferably Ubuntu, Debian or FreeBSD (no SuSE).

This seems like a natural fit for a FGS installation. FGS comes with its 
own Apache, PHP and Postgres/Postgis instance and can be installed 
inside a user account without interfering with the system libs at all. 
You can also run multiple FGS instances on the same server without any 
conflict. The only thing missing from your list is MySQL (FGS has MySQL 
client built in but doesn't provide its own server). I'm also not sure 
if FGS comes with SSL enabled in Apache or not but that can be addressed 
I'm sure.

Unfortunately I do not have time to help set that up now, but I just 
wanted to point out that FGS might be an option to consider if we want 
virtual environments (not full virtual machines) for the OSGeo demo 

Daniel Morissette

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