[Mapbender-dev] question?

Astrid Emde (WhereGroup) astrid.emde at wheregroup.com
Mon Feb 12 02:49:54 EST 2007

Hola Jonny,

Johnny Albino Tarmeño Chavarría schrieb:
> Hi, first sorry for my english. I would like to know about the sources 
> of this application: 
> http://www.mainz.de/mainzextern/geografischeinformationen/index.htm 
> <http://www.mainz.de/mainzextern/geografischeinformationen/index.htm> 
> because when it unloads mapbender_2.4.1_rc1 I have not found the sources.
You won't find the sources of the mainz-gui (gui - graphical user 
interface) in the mapbender_2.4.1_rc1. This guis is indicidually 
designed for the city of mainz.

But with the gui templates which are part of the mapbender_2.4.1_rc1 you 
can create your own gui.

The guis are stored in the mapbender database. Only the functionality 
you will find as js and php sources.

> Also I cannot enter the application with the user: root and password: 
> root, I can not create new users because I don?t know as 
> mapbender.conf configurate's so that it leaves this option to me to 
> create users.

Normally it is possible to log in as root. Something still is wrong with 
you configuration. Have another look at the discription of Mapbender 


And check your configuration with the Script:




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